Cloud computing on Linux

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  • Is server virtualization boosting Linux adoption?

    An IDC report concluded that the economic recession and cloud computing and virtualization trends will help Linux increase in the data center just as the previous recession boosted Linux adoption. Cisco has heavily adopted the platform, with more tha... 

  • Setting up cloud computing with Eucalyptus

    Cloud computing provides on demand provisioning of compute resources. Learn how to set up Eucalyptus on Ubuntu to perform your own cloud computing operations. Eucalyptus is available in source code, and packages are available for CentOS 5.3, OpenSUSE... 

  • Choice and customization lead Linux and IT marketplace

    Red Hat's JBoss and rPath's cloud computing offerings have customization in common. How will a customized approach to products change the future of IT, and how does it affect your bottom-line? 

  • Verizon launches cloud computing service on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Verizon Computing as a Service (CaaS) will allow users to perform all the usual cloud computing tasks and users can choose virtual or physical servers in either Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or Windows Server flavors. 

  • Verizon enters the cloud market

    The telecom giant makes a long-awaited move into cloud game with a soothing mix of closed infrastructure and open software. 

  • Linux's position in cloud computing efforts

    The role of Linux in cloud computing is becoming more clear as the technology advances. The open source platform beats its rivals in cost, and is an undisputed leader in the space. The Linux Foundation released a white paper, positioning Linux at the... 

  • Ubuntu 9.04 releases improve user experience and enable cloud computing

    Canonical announced the release of Ubuntu 9.04 server edition and desktop edition with a focus on improved user experience. The server edition includes increased cloud capabilities and improvements in some key applications for mail and other common i... 

  • Ubuntu 9.04 aims for increased data center use

    Ubuntu 9.04 includes updates to virtualization, and cloud computing enhancements are expected with next release. Along with these improvements, anticipated Hewlett-Packard and other hardware certifications are expected to boost adoption. The Linux di... 

  • Virtualization for high-performance computing on Linux: Critiques and challenges

    Despite the benefits virtualization technologies can provide to high-performance computing (HPC) deployers, many remain wary. From perceived issues of increased latency and overhead to fear of paravirtualization to hardware lock-in, there are reasons... 

  • Novell SUSE 11 to boost virtualization and improve interoperability, new VP says

    SUSE 11 will improve virtualization and interoperability says Markus Rex, Novell's new open source chief. Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation program certification for SUSE on Hyper-V ensures a larger virtualization market share for Novell, an...