Cloud computing on Linux

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  • Linux and the cloud: Tips, news and advice

    Where does Linux fit into the cloud as an operating system? This digest of tips, news and advice features topics such as the best open source cloud monitoring tools, and the surge in popularity of open source in the cloud. 

  • Former MySQL chief Marten Mickos talks cloud computing

    Marten Mickos explains why he's backing the cloud, his new position at Eucalyptus and where the cloud computing market is today. 

  • Cloud computing resources center

    Cloud standards organizations, open source cloud projects, cloud computing and social media and more, all explained in this compendium of cloud resources. 

  • Red Hat KVM key to IBM's cloud test and dev tool

    Red Hat's KVM virtualization underpins the new cloud software test and development service from IBM. This is just one of the recent Red Hat KVM wins, as the company tries to gain more virtualization market share. 

  • Installing Ubuntu 9.10 and the Eucalyptus enterprise cloud computing platform

    Learn how to install Ubuntu 9.10 server edition with Eucalyptus enterprise cloud and set it up to manage applications on AWS or other infrastructure services. Features of the Ubuntu store, including available operating system images and the use of th... 

  • Open source support for vCloud announced

    VMware is releasing software development kits for Java and Python and working with open source cloud projects including libcloud, jclouds and Dasein to build in support for vCloud. With the open source community at the front of the cloud development ... 

  • The must-read Linux books of 2010

    These five future masterpieces cover the hot Linux topics of 2010, from advancements in Linux kernel developments to working with Ubuntu and Eucalyptus in the cloud. 

  • Linux operating system future is in cloud computing and devices

    The Linux world in 2010 will witness a push towards easier deployment, better packaging and management and embedded Linux will be a force in non-PC devices, experts say. 

  • A look at Linux in the recession: Linux 2009 year in review

    How did Linux and open source fare in 2009? A review of the news stories in the enterprise Linux market during the economic downturn shows that Linux's strengths aided its success -- with new OS version launches, interoperability agreements, new prod... 

  • Linux vendor offerings for cloud computing

    Find out what the major Linux vendors are offering for cloud computing, and how the Linux distributions' cloud computing tools compare to one another. From Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud to Red Hat's RHEV and deltacloud projects and Novell's cloud security ...