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  • Do your homework to find the right APM/test software

    There are a lot of moving parts involved when deciding on APM/test tools. Choosing the right ones can often be a strenuous process for businesses. There are a variety of questions to consider. For instance, is cost a concern? Are there security requirements? How integrated are the existing environments? This handbook covers how to answer these types of questions for your enterprise and which steps to take next.

    Part one delves into quality assurance and testing concerns and how best to narrow choices down to the right vendors. Part two compares today's top application performance management tools and vendor strategies. Finally, part three discusses embracing reality versus expectations when picking an APM/test tool, given that not all tools can do everything you might hope for.

    Before getting overwhelmed with the ample application performance management and testing tools marketplace, get your priorities straight with guidance from this handbook.

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  • Programming and the evolving role of the virtualization administrator

    As programming rapidly replaces scripting in major organizations, administrators must dedicate themselves to learning to code in order to stay competitive in the job market. Continue Reading

  • How does Rekoobe Linux malware spread and avoid detection?

    A hard to detect type of Linux malware, Rekoobe, can download files to user systems. Expert Nick Lewis explains the malware's key functionality and how to mitigate attacks. Continue Reading

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