Usenix president: Linux needs better paper trail

Linus Torvalds and the Linux community didn't learn from history and are suffering the consequences as it repeats itself, said Marshall Kirk McKusick, president of the Usenix Association, a Berkeley, Calif.-based advanced computing user group. In this interview, he describes the lessons he and his fellow BSD developers from AT&T's intellectual property lawsuit against BSD (Berkeley Software Design), lessons that weren't heeded by Linux developers. He also opined on SCO's "battle by press release," as well as why SCO will fail and the General Public License (GPL) will stand up in court. In part two, McKusick explains the dangers of using the GPL, how Usenix members are protecting themselves and their companies from IP suits and why banning open source could damage the IT industry. Recently, McKusick, an IT consultant and expert witness on IT copyright issues, spoke out against SCO's "hypocritical" attacks on Linux on behalf of Usenix.



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