One-on-one with Richard Stallman, part 2Free software is a social movement

The SCO lawsuit: a big problem for the free software world, or something that only the lawyers at Cravath, Swaine and Moore are thinking about? Ask Richard Stallman -- founder of the free software movement -- and he's likely to tell you there are some bigger issues for his community these days. The software-patent issue in Europe, for one. Then there's the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and, of course, the proliferation of proprietary software is something that bothers the GNU Project founder. recently spoke with Stallman, who's also founder and president of the Free Software Foundation, about the SCO lawsuit and other issues. According to Stallman, who spends much of his time traveling to promote the work of the FSF (he was home only 106 days last year), of bigger concern right now are what he describes as the ethical problems associated with proprietary software, and users' unfamiliarity with these issues.



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