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All-in-One Guides

  • Oracle on Linux

    Oracle is the most popular database on Linux, while Linux is poised to overtake Solaris as the No. 1 operating system for Oracle database management systems and applications. This guide includes news, tips and resources on Oracle on Linux, including choosing between Linux and other platforms, installing and upgrading on Linux, and performing backup and recovery of an Oracle database on Linux.

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  • Linux and virtualization guide

    Whether you are interested in running 10 servers on one, conserving physical resources or running several different operating systems on your network, virtual environments can multiply the power of Linux in the enterprise.

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  • Active Directory and Linux guide

    While a growing number of organizations have embraced and adopted Linux, now they confront increasing demand for integrated, multiplatform networks. Many administrators have chosen Microsoft Active Directory (AD) – which integrates Linux and Windows systems into the same network – as a central authentication and authorization service. This guide offers information on how to create a cross-platform environment with AD and Linux.

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