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Oracle vs. open source challengers

Oracle on Windows vs. Linux

Read our best expert advice on choosing between the Linux and Windows platforms for your Oracle deployment. You'll learn the benefits and drawbacks of both operating systems when it comes to Oracle products and software.

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  • Former Windows shop recalls path to Oracle Unbreakable Linux

    17 Mar 2008

    Article -  When Acuity Brands first began running Oracle on Linux, the operating system was unproven. Today the company is a firm believer in the platform.

  • Firm picks Oracle 11g on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for the long haul

    19 Oct 2007

    Article -  In migrating its old client/server fleet management software to Software as a Service, Cadec Global learns that Windows is no match for Oracle running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  • Opinion: Microsoft, Sun, Oracle can't sidestep Linux, open source movement

    03 Nov 2006

    Column -  I had my "flying-pigs" moment on seeing the headlines: rapprochement, accord, peace between Linux and Microsoft.

  • Recommendations for platform and clustering solution

    (presented by

    Ask the Expert -  We are in the process of installing a new Oracle database for a company that consists of 6,000 employees. We need advice on choosing a platform (Linux or Windows). Also is there any recommendation for a clustering solution?

  • Open source databases place pressure on Oracle, SQL Server

    Tip -  Open source RDBMS PostgreSQL is making its way into business' software portfolios. Find out where PostgreSQL is best put to use and why businesses prefer a big name product.

  • Stability of database on Windows vs. Unix

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    Ask the Expert -  We are in the process of installing a new Oracle database. The vendor is recommending we use Windows 2003 for the operating system. I heard about the instability of running Oracle on Windows 2003. Should we use Unix instead?

  • Oracle on Unix/Linux vs. Windows

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    Ask the Expert -  We have had Oracle databases running on HP-UX for seven years or more. Management is looking at the possibility of rehosting these mission-critical/high-availability databases onto a Windows platform due to the cost of maintenance of these boxes. What...

  • Oracle vs. Microsoft: The open source factor

    27 Jun 2006

    Article -  Many IT pros believe Oracle's recent endorsements of the open source movement were designed specifically to destabilize Microsoft.

  • Best HA and OS options for data warehouse

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    Ask the Expert -  We are researching HA options and due to budgeting, the project is looking at migrating to a Dell Linux Oracle RAC environment. One of the databases on the Sun Solaris system is our data warehouse (OWB). My question: What are the best OS and HA...

  • Acquisitions expert: What's behind Oracle's open source buys?

    16 Feb 2006

    Article -  Find out what's behind Oracle's open source vendor buying spree in this interview with mergers, funding, and acquisitions due diligence expert Douglas Levin, CEO of Black Duck Software.