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Oracle and MySQL

Read all about how Oracle compares to and competes with open source DBMS MySQL in this section.

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  • Oracle SQL to test for numerics

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    Ask the Expert -  With reference to your answer to the question "How can SQL test for pure numerics?" I was surprised that since the column is headed "Ask the Oracle Expert" you did not provide an Oracle solution to the question.

  • MySQL 5.0 shoots for a new image

    23 Jun 2005

    Interview -  The upcoming MySQL 5.0 aims to expand the open source database's image as a niche application for Web and embedded database applications, according to MySQL AB's new worldwide director of product management, Robin Schumacher. In this...

  • MySQL expert: DBA dos and don'ts

    22 Jun 2005

    Interview -  Pinpointing performance bottlenecks is a problem on any database -- proprietary or open source, said veteran database administrator (DBA), database book author and MySQL executive Robin Schumacher. In this interview, he identifies the biggest hassles...

  • MySQL AB launches strike against Oracle, others

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    27 Oct 2004

    Article -  MySQL AB is rolling out the next version of its database with new features that the company says will allow enterprises to use the DBMS for more mission critical applications.

  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle or other?

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