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Get news from the Linux virtualization world. Stay current with the latest offerings, updates, developments and trends in the enterprise. Learn how Microsoft is improving its Linux support services, Xen is impressing its critics, and Linux distributions are spawning as fast as...well, penguins.

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  • Implementing Fedora virtualization from 'Virtualization for Dummies'

    Tip -  This guide provides an introduction to virtualization with Fedora. Author Bernard Golden outlines how to perform a cost-benefit analysis of a virtualization implementation, how to manage and integrate the software with your existing programs and more.

  • Paravirtualized driver competition benefits Linux users

    Ask the Expert -  Open source and proprietary drivers for paravirtualization create healthy competition while utilizing the hypervisor layer between guest and host systems. Meta Description: Using the hypervisor gives Linux users flexibility, speed and other OS options...

  • OpenVZ virtualization runs on Ubuntu 7.10

    11 Jan 2008

    Article -  OpenVZ now offers an Ubuntu 7.10 template and is working to integrate its container virtualization technology into future versions of the Linux kernel.

  • XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0

    (presented by

    Product of the Year -  In a major step forward from release 3.2, Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0 grabbed the Gold in this category. This server virtualization platform topped our judges' list by adding significant functionality without sacrificing ease of use or...

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

    Product of the Year -  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5) gets the Gold award in the Linux Server Distribution category for its embrace open of source Xen virtualization and additional production-level features.

  • XenEnterprise 4.0

    Product of the Year -  Citrix Systems Inc. XenEnterprise 4.0 isn't a halfhearted virtualization project: it's an ambitious, full-featured open source platform that virtualizes a variety of Linux distributions, exploits the latest server hardware advancements, integrates with...

  • Does Linux virtualization mean migration from Unix or Windows?

    Ask the Expert -  Do virtualization products require that applications run off a specific operating system? Expert Andrew Kutz says that all depends on what kind of virtualization you mean.

  • Microsoft Virtual Server improves Linux guest support

    29 Oct 2007

    Article -  With Microsoft's announcement that it will provide third-party virtual guest support for SUSE Enterprise Linux 10, Redmond's love/hate relationship with Linux continues to flourish.

  • New Novell SUSE Linux shop surprised by Xen's polish

    15 Oct 2007

    Article -  Despite the high bar set by VMware's ESX Server, one Novell OES 2 customer is pleasantly surprised by Xen's virtualization offering.

  • Virtual appliances spawn new class of Linux distros

    10 Oct 2007

    Article -  Virtual appliance independent software vendors see a role for streamlined Linux distros with specialized package management capabilities.