Management of Active Directory and Linux

Enterprise Linux Management of Active Directory and Linux:

Active Directory and Linux guide

Management of Active Directory and Linux

If you are looking for a messaging or identity management solution, the following links can help you with all areas of AD/Linux cross-platform management.

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  • ID management with Active Directory

    Ask the Expert -  Unix-to-Linux expert Ken Milberg explains how to integrate identity management for Unix servers with Active Directory.

  • Linux pro turns to Active Directory identity management

    20 Mar 2007

    Article -  Rather than use Sun's NIS, Research in Motion opted to manage its Linux and Unix boxes with Microsoft Active Directory plus Centrify DirectControl.

  • Centrify DirectAudit monitors, logs Linux user activity

    14 Mar 2007

    Article -  Centrify has released the beta version of an automated auditing system for Linux and Unix that syncs with Active Directory.

  • Linux and Active Directory -- the plot thickens

    31 Jan 2007

    Article -  Not only do administrators want to manage large heterogeneous environments of Linux, Unix and Windows servers with Microsoft Active Directory, but they also need to move away from Sun's NIS.

  • Linux servers join with Active Directory

    23 Jan 2007

    Article -  Centeris launched Likewise Identity 3.0, an identity management app that turns Linux servers into native Microsoft Active Directory clients.

  • Is your enterprise ready for Linux-based messaging?

    11 Mar 2004

    Interview -  Exchanging vendor lock-in for Linux and freedom of choice in messaging software sounds like a good idea. But it will flop if enterprise-strength messaging applications aren't available on Linux. Also, it will fail if your company isn't ready for Linux....