Linux and virtualization guide

Enterprise Linux Linux and virtualization guide:

Linux and virtualization guide

Whether you are interested in running 10 servers on one, conserving physical resources or running several different operating systems on your network, virtual environments can multiply the power of Linux in the enterprise.

  • Technical tips

    An expert discusses Novell Open Enterprise Server 2's new key features: Active Directory functionality and enhanced virtualization capabilities. Also, administration and migration expert Ken Milberg helps you achieve infrastructure improvement by discussing key Linux building blocks and considerations including clustering, data types, virtualization and support.

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  • Screencasts

    Want to get your virtual Linux environment up and running? Get set up quickly with our expert screencasts. Here, find out screenshot-by-screenshot how to use VMware to set up Windows XP as a virtual machine on Ubuntu Linux.

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  • Expert answers

    Have questions about virtualization with Linux? Find answers from our experts.

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  • News

    Get news from the Linux virtualization world. Stay current with the latest offerings, updates, developments and trends in the enterprise. Learn how Microsoft is improving its Linux support services, Xen is impressing its critics, and Linux distributions are spawning as fast as...well, penguins.

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