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April 2011

  • Creating RPM packages in Linux

    RPM software management on Linux systems truly has an advantage when you create your own RPM packages. Learn how to use the enhanced vim option to automatically generate a template file after creat...

  • A guide to becoming a Puppet master

    This guide can help system administrators make Puppet, the open source configuration management application, a valuable part of their data center toolbox.

  • rsync

    Rsync is a free software utility for Unix- and Linux-like systems that copies files and directories from one host to another. Rsync is available on most Linux distributions by default.

  • SUSE Linux shops await Novell deal completion, clarity

    Worries over Oracle, Apple patent participation in the Novell sale to Attachmate and CPTN Holdings have SUSE Linux shops and open source advocates spooked.

  • Optimizing Linux for SSD usage

    Default Linux settings won't allow you to take advantage of SSD performance gains. Learn four ways to optimize SSD performance on your Linux system in this tip.