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April 2007

  • Office software: GoogleDocs, OpenOffice or Microsoft Office?

    An office suite expert explains the differences between GoogleDocs, OpenOffice and Microsoft Office, and goes deeper into the OpenXML vs. OpenDocument debate.

  • Google Docs vs. OpenOffice

    An office suite expert recommends breaking spreadsheets into smaller pieces for sharing between users.

  • CentOS lures Red Hat Linux users with software update service

    CentOS is wooing former Red Hat Linux users that loved software upgrades from the Red Hat Network but could have done without the expensive service contracts.

  • AppArmor vs. SELinux

    An expert says that, yes, AppArmor does offer equivalent security to SELinux.

  • MySQL vs. PostgreSQL: Which is faster?

    An expert tackles the issue of speed and whether PostgreSQL or MySQL is faster.

  • Logging commands as su user

    Ken Milberg recommends using Sudosh, an RPM with the ability to play back enter sessions of commands from logins as su user.

  • Linux Foundation

    The Linux Foundation is a consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux, an open source alternative to the Unix operating system... (Continued)

  • Ubuntu Feisty Fawn launches with server focus

    Canonical Ltd. is hoping server virtualization features in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn will encourage more server deployments of the Linux distribution.

  • OpenXML vs. OpenDocument

    An open source software and applications expert explains why it doesn't matter whether you choose OpenXML or OpenDocument.

  • Cross-platform system management tools

    An expert recommends a cross-platform open source tool for systems management.

  • Linux Standard Base may improve software portability

    Analysts at Saugatuck Technology believe the latest upgrade to the Linux Standard Base could accelerate mission-critical Linux deployments in the data center.

  • Functions in OpenOffice Calc

    Office suite expert Solveig Haugland explains how functions in OpenOffice's Calc work similarly to Microsoft's Excel.

  • tty command

    A tty command in Linux and other Unix-like operating systems is a shell command that can be entered interactively or as part of a script to determine whether the output for the script is a terminal...

  • Debugging IPC with Shell commands from "The Linux Programmer's Toolbox"

    Get advice about utilities for debugging communication between processes, find out how to handle open files and dumping data from files, discover commands and more from Chapter 8, Debugging IPC wit...

  • Nagios: Configuration and integration advice

    Check out our guide to open source networking monitoring tool Nagios for expert advice, tips, case studies and news.

  • Unix-Linux printing

    Interoperability is easier than separating systems your systems and isn't something you should be afraid of, says one expert. Find out how to set up printing between Unix and Linux using Linux's LP...

  • Chapter 20, Adding, updating and removing software, from "Ubuntu Linux Bible"

    Troubleshoot and tackle repositories, software and updates in Chapter 20 -- Adding, updating and removing software -- from the "Ubuntu Linux Bible."

  • RHEL 5 or Vista?

    An expert talks about the pros and cons of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for a user torn between using Linux and upgrading to Vista.

  • Mission-critical with MySQL

    An expert says that MySQL is indeed capable of replacing Oracle for running mission-critical applications.

  • ACID-compliant MySQL

    A MySQL expert talks about the significance of ACID-compliant transactions and names two MySQL databases that use them.