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December 2007

  • Light

    Light is an easy-to-use, lightweight, open source portal framework that can be plugged into any Java-based or Ajax-based Web application and enabled or disabled at will by the user. Light can also ...

  • Linux defector says RHEL zero, Sun Solaris hero

    After years of contending with Red Hat kinks, one shop hesitantly made the switch to Sun Solaris 10 and hasn't looked back.

  • Creating a VPN appliance with Ubuntu and Openswan

    Make an enterprise-ready, scalable VPN appliance on Ubuntu Linux via Openswan with this expert's instructions.

  • HP Linux servers bolster NYSE trading app

    To support its Linux-based Hybrid Market application, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) bought a slew of servers. After weighing server options, NYSE settled on HP.

  • Secure networks with SELinux

    This chapter on SELinux shows how to protect Linux at the system level. From 'Linux: The Complete Reference,' the chapter covers the basics of network security such as domains, roles and policies a...