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September 2006

  • Microsoft Windows apps versus Linux and open source

    How does Linux compare to Windows in 2006? Experts weigh in on that question in these articles, comparing the operating systems' security, reliability and usability. Get insiders' views on Microsof...

  • Determining MySQL driver use

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes explains that driver use depends on the programming language or application that users are attempting to connect to.

  • Releasing code into open source

    Open source issues and strategies expert Don Rosenberg explains the complications involved in opening up closed source code.

  • Evaluating OSS for the enterprise

    Open source issues and strategies expert Don Rosenberg explains the process for evaluating open source software for the enterprise.

  • Account locking for Linux via PAM

    Discover how to configure account blocking on a Red Hat host with PAM and prevent a potential denial-of-service attack caused by repeated locking of user accounts.

  • The cost of incorporating open source code

    Open source issues and strategies expert Don Rosenberg explains the costs associated with incorporating open source code into your software.

  • Connecting to ASP pages with or without DSN

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes explains how to connect MySQL to ASP pages with or without DSN.

  • Architectural and platform implications in OSS

    Open source strategies and expert Don Rosenberg explains that open source trends like "software as a service," greater platform independence and virtualization will only increase.

  • Seven tips for optimizing shell script security

    Inherent weaknesses, a complex syntax and the general lack of consideration for security make writing secure shell scripts difficult. This tip focuses on major issues in shell script security acros...

  • emulation

    Emulation, in a software context, is the use of an application program or device to imitate the behavior of another program or device... Continued)

  • Wiki-based patent site grants people a say in patent process

    A new service called aims to improve tracking software patents with a community-driven model that has fueled the Wikipedia phenomenon.

  • Asterisk in the enterprise: Benefits and best practices for business deployment

    Asterisk, the open source IP PBX, boasts a full range of features, functionality and friendliness to support a variety of needs and circumstances. This article highlights a few of those high points...

  • Mozilla fixes several Firefox flaws

    Several flaws could be used for man-in-the-middle, spoofing and cross-site scripting attacks. Mozilla has released Firefox to address the problems.

  • Now shipping: Red Hat-JBoss application stack

    Existing Red Hat customers can now reap the benefits of having JBoss middleware in their application stack. But IT managers who have already deployed custom open source apps will need to weigh JBos...

  • Accessing remote MySQL DBs in VB6

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes recommends downloading ODBC to connect within your VB project.

  • Mastering MySQL: Drivers, clustering and remote access

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes describes the tricky aspects of clustering with MySQL and upgrading from MySQL 4.0 to MySQL 5.0.

  • MySQL login issues

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes recommends checking the error log or setting up a script for tracking consistent failures.

  • Dell downplays blades

    Execs at Dell Technology Day in New York City said that blade servers weren't a good fit for many data centers, and that traditional rackmount systems may deliver better density

  • Unix updates bolster workhorse operating system

    If you haven't been paying attention to Unix lately, now is the time. Unix expert King Ables summarizes enhancements of the three main Unix flavors.

  • Mainframe programming and open source -- Where's the beef?

    While mainframe shops are beginning to scratch the surface of using open source on Big Iron, IT shops aren't taking advantage of open source development.