August 2006

  • GUI interfaces for MySQL

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes recommends several resources for finding a MySQL GUI.

  • Characters in syntax

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes recommends sticking to straight quotes around strings and backticks around identifiers to prevent incorrect queries.

  • Chapter 4 of 'The Official Ubuntu Book'

    Chapter 4 -- Advanced Usage and Managing Ubuntu -- of "The Official Ubuntu Book" covers administrative tasks like installing WINE with Synaptic, adding/removing open source/proprietary apps to the ...

  • Linux expert sees expanded role for Ubuntu on the server

    Ubuntu founding member and author Benjamin Mako Hill explains why Ubuntu could have the server chops to make big gains now that version 6.06 is such a success.

  • SQL Server vs. MySQL: Syntax differences, similar GUIs

    Discover syntax differences between SQL Server and MySQL, code for a timestamp automation workaround and why it's important to keep your version of MySQL current.

  • Chapter 7 of "Ubuntu Linux for Non-geeks"

    Chapter 7 -- Dressing up the Bird -- of "Ubuntu Linux for Non-geeks" covers customization of the desktop and teaches tasks like creating a user accounts and adding toolbars.

  • Open source lures cost-conscious CIOs

    Can't foot the bill for high-end enterprise software? Some midmarket CIOs are turning to emerging commercial open source vendors. They've got the goods, they're eager for your business and the pric...

  • Using SUSE AppArmor to profile a workstation application in FireFox

    Learn how to create application security policies with Novell's AppArmor in a FireFox browser, the OpenOffice suite or any SUSE Linux Enterprise server application.

  • YaST control center: Novell AppArmor

    Create an effective security policy with Novell's AppArmor, which allows you to profile, monitor and restrict application behaviors for any server or workstation running SUSE.

  • Additional kernel security features with RHEL

    Security expert James Turnbull explains what security features are enhanced in the kernel in RHEL.

  • Open source security tools

    Security expert James Turnbull gives an example of how open source security tools can be used to create intricate security setups.

  • Server-side interoperations between Unix/Linux and Windows

    Discover how to make your Windows and Unix/Linux servers co-exist peacefully with tools like Samba that offer file sharing and Kerberos authentication support for Active Directory.