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August 2006

  • Linux desktops: Graphics boost, virtualization add to stature

    Open Source Developer Labs' John Cherry explains how Windows Vista delays and Linux desktop advances will raise the profile of the Linux desktop in the coming months.

  • Beta flaws vs. security flaws

    Security expert James Turnbull explains why beta flaws can be mistaken for security threats and compares desktop security between Linux and Windows.

  • Pasta Theory of Programming

    The Pasta Theory of Programming is the idea that various programming structures can be likened to the structures of well-known pasta dishes.

  • Trojans, viruses and targeted browsers

    Security expert James Turnbull debunks the myth that Firefox is safer than IE or Opera.

  • IPSec in the 2.6 kernel

    Security expert James Turnbull recommends a resource explaining the implementation of IPSec in the 2.6 kernel.

  • Open Season: LinuxWorld edition

    SpikeSource continues to bolster its VAR ranks; EnterpriseDB saddles up to Sun and Solaris 10; Linspire gives free Debian-based desktop Linux distro a push into the wild.

  • LinuxWorld preview: The looming server virtualization I/O crisis

    As more IT managers begin to virtualize processing and memory in data centers, one executive sees an I/O bottleneck forming in data center servers that needs to be dealt with today.

  • Choosing the most secure distribution

    Security expert James Turnbull opines on the most secure distribution and what criteria to consider when choosing a distribution.

  • Open source making way in SMBs

    SMB IT managers describe why and how their companies dumped Microsoft and moved to open source software and Linux in this recent report. Open source software consultants also weigh in on the opport...

  • Scanning vs. manual audits of software

    Security expert James Turnbull explains why he thinks scanning can't replace manual audits when it comes to detecting bugs and flaws in software.

  • Instant Linux for Windows admins means no installation

    Many Windows administrators want to try out Linux without having to install an entirely new operating system alongside XP, or reformatting their hard disk. They can get "instant Linux" with the fre...

  • Centeris CEO: Managing Linux servers in a Windows world

    Two years ago, Linux and Windows didn't play well together in the data center. But not any more. Today, Linux is creeping into Windows-only worlds more than ever.

  • Learning and creating databases

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes advises a user on where to find information for creating a database.

  • Open Season: System i gets PHP support

    Zend Technologies delivers PHP for IBM System i; SUSE Linux 10 downloads exceed 165,000; and the OpenVZ project gets cozy with Debian Linux.

  • Cryptographic file system support in the 2.6 kernel

    Security expert James Turnbull offers resources for information on cryptographic file system support in the 2.6 kernel.

  • Open Directory Project (ODP)

    The Open Directory Project (ODP) is a human-edited index of Web sites... (Continued)

  • Linux expert sees expanded role for Ubuntu on the server

    Ubuntu founding member and author Benjamin Mako Hill explains why Ubuntu could have the server chops to make big gains now that version 6.06 is such a success.

  • Chapter 4 of 'The Official Ubuntu Book'

    Chapter 4 -- Advanced Usage and Managing Ubuntu -- of "The Official Ubuntu Book" covers administrative tasks like installing WINE with Synaptic, adding/removing open source/proprietary apps to the ...

  • Characters in syntax

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes recommends sticking to straight quotes around strings and backticks around identifiers to prevent incorrect queries.

  • GUI interfaces for MySQL

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes recommends several resources for finding a MySQL GUI.