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April 2006

  • Fight spear phishing

    Spear phishing, a phishing technique directed at a single company, poses a greater security risk to enterprise administrators than regular phishing. Contributor Tony Bradley recommends taking steps...

  • Open source rating system streamlined and ready for primetime

    After months of tweaking, the model framework for the Business Readiness Rating has been released and includes software taxonomies provided by IDC.

  • LinuxWorld Boston, Apr. 4-6

    Find out the latest open source news and advice you can use from the LinuxWorld Conference & Exposition in Boston. Whether you're looking for info about the state of the open source revolution, the...

  • VMware exec: On free specs, virtualization's boost for Linux

    VMware's Dan Chu discusses why his company decided to open up its core virtual machine disk format and how VMware hopes this will spur the development of virtual appliances.

  • PostgreSQL experts: Why are you still using a big bucks database

    Learn how PostgreSQL matches up to other commercial database systems, why it's suitable for large- and small-scale enterprises and how it offers admins and users more control.

  • YaST: Setting up a local SUSE Linux update server

    Find out how Novell's SUSE Linux YaST utility can set up your client and server machines to collect updates as well as acting as the installation source for your desktops.