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September 2005

  • Single UNIX Specification

    The Single UNIX Specification is an industry standard description of the C language program and user command interfaces for a standard Unix operating system.

  • Cygwin

    Cygwin is an open source collection of tools that allows Unix or Linux applications to be compiled and run on a Windows operating system from within a Linux-like interface.

  • X Window System (X or XWindows)

    The X Window System (sometimes referred to as "X" or as "XWindows") is an open, cross-platform, client/server system for managing a windowed graphical user interface in a distributed network.

  • tar (Tape ARchive)

    Tar (for "Tape ARchive") is a UNIX shell command that creates a single file called an "archive" from a number of specified files or extracts the files from such an archive.

  • copyleft

    Copyleft is the idea and the specific stipulation when distributing software that the user will be able to copy it freely, examine and modify the source code, and redistribute the software to other...

  • makefile

    A makefile is used with the UNIX make utility to determine which portions of a program to compile.

  • Free Software Foundation (FSF)

    The Free Software Foundation (FSF) was founded in 1983 along with its demonstration GNU project.

  • pipe

    In computer programming, especially in UNIX operating systems, a pipe is a technique for passing information from one program process to another.

  • Emacs

    Emacs (pronounced EE-maks and sometimes spelled "emacs" or "EMACS") is a popular text editor used mainly on Unix-based systems by programmers, scientists, engineers, students, and system administra...

  • How do I install Red Hat Linux 9.0 on a remote machine using NFS?

    How do I install Red Hat Linux 9.0 on a remote machine using NFS?

  • Creating a new user account in Solaris

    I don't know about Solaris or Unix systems and recently at my company the IT administrator of the Unix systems left. We need to create a mail account for a new person at the company. The mail serve...

  • Consultants, VARs and vendors pump developers for Linux 'breakthrough moment'

    As open source initiatives gain momentum in both large and small companies, the partnerships and consultants well versed in open source software implementations will take on an important new role i...

  • Red Hat Network tour

    Ken Milberg provides a tour of RHN4, points out its best features and gives some configuration advice in this tip.

  • Open source PBX provider teams up with Intel

    Digium -- provider of the open source private branch exchange (PBX) called Asterisk -- yesterday announced plans to support Intel Corp.'s NetStructure and Dialogic products in its Asterisk Business


  • Improving NFS performance when using 'mount' command

    I am using SuSE Linux 9.2 pro. I have configured NFS server for my work but when using mount command (for example: mount /Public) from the clients, it took many times to mount (abou...

  • Reactivation Test Page

  • 'Error occurred during initialization of VM' while installing Oracle 9i on RHEL

  • Securing your perimeter against former employees

    Could you describe some ways to protect our systems and network from laid off workers? My company is in the process of laying people off, and I'm struggling to keep us safe from them. Some who are ...

  • Open source tools for e-mail, network and general perimeter protection

    What are some good open source tools for e-mail, network and general perimeter protection?

  • How to formulate an open source strategy

    It has been recommended that companies need an open source strategy. What exactly does that mean?