Enterprise Linux Experts to answer your questions
  • Open source integration, policy

    If the recession has prompted you to integrate open source software into your business, first form an open source policy with the help of our expert's guidance.

  • OSSEC implementation in Windows

    A user wants to implement OSSEC on a Windows server because he has no server side Linux operating system.

  • Solaris 10 Trusted Extensions vs. SELinux

    Solaris 10 Trusted Extensions and SELinux are best suited to different system requirements and administrator skill sets. Our security expert explains the distinction and recommends when to implemen...

  • Open source collaboration, commercialization

    Are open source software vendors collaborating with proprietary companies to improve their products, or simply to gain in the market? Read what an open source strategist thinks.

  • Spamassassin and dspam on Postfix

    Configuring spam filters Spamassassin and dspam together in the email server Postfix is easy with the resources listed by our security expert.

  • Spam filters with Postfix

    Check out these resources on how to configure Postfix with multiple spam filters.

  • GPL and international business

    An open source strategist explains the state of intellectual property rights as it relates to international open source business strategy.

  • Ubuntu stability

    A user wonders how well Ubuntu will serve him/her in terms of stability, and gets release recommendations from an expert.

  • Ubuntu remote backup

    This expert's insights will help you make a decision whether to use Ubuntu remote backup.

  • Dependency solution

    Learn about an emerging product that aims to decrease time spent fixing dependencies.

  • Bastille or SELinux?

    If you had to choose between Bastille and SELinux, consider what you really need from a security program. A Linux expert explains the tradeoffs and benefits of each based on factors such as monitor...

  • WebLoad: An introduction

    Learn about the formerly open source project WebLoad, including potential obstacles to implementing the load-testing software and software project management tips.

  • Snort Log retention

    Best practices for retention of snort logs may hinge on external requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley. Learn when it's OK to delete logs and when to hang on to them.

  • Paravirtualized driver competition benefits Linux users

    Open source and proprietary drivers for paravirtualization create healthy competition while utilizing the hypervisor layer between guest and host systems. Meta Description: Using the hypervisor giv...

  • Clarifying the GPL: Why Linux distros cannot be copyrighted

    Confused about copyrights? Our expert explains how Linux can be copyrighted, but proprietary plans for Linux distributions are a pipe dream.

  • Sybase or Oracle? Linux upgrade creates database decisions

    Before managers upgrade a Linux server, they should consider their database options. RHEL and SLES work well with Sybase, but migrating to an Oracle-only system may have advantages.

  • High availability by virtualization? Try RDBMS

    Better system uptime may require a relational database management system(RDBMS), not virtualization, our expert explains.

  • Does Linux virtualization mean migration from Unix or Windows?

    Do virtualization products require that applications run off a specific operating system? Expert Andrew Kutz says that all depends on what kind of virtualization you mean.

  • Hardening Linux servers for remote access

    Tighten Linux servers with a security checklist for shell hardening.

  • The secret to Red Hat's success

    How can an open source software company like Red Hat stay in business if CentOS -- and Red Hat themselves -- give their code away for free? Expert Don Rosenberg tries to explain how Red Hat has bee...