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Can you use Samba as primary domain controller with Active Directory?

My organization has decided to use Active Directory for authentication puposes. I've been asked to deploy AD in 80 different sites around the world. In about 35 sites, I have Linux servers used as file & print -- and authentication as well, since we didn't have a clear policy up to now regarding authentication. I've read the SAMBA Howto and it is clearly said that SAMBA 3 can NOT act as an ADDC. However, I wonder if any of you have ever found a way to make a Linux server act as an ADDC.
You are right -- Samba can't fully replace Microsoft's Active Directory. However, you can use Samba as a Primary Domain Controller (PDC)at each site. If you only have one domain at each of your sites, I would think you could leave that infrastructure in place and then authenticate against your AD servers. However, I am not sure in what capacity (just authentication, or roaming profiles etc.) you are using AD... but there may be a place for Microsoft AD and Samba in your setup.

22 Jul 2005