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At SearchEnterpriseLinux.com, our handpicked team of independent editors and contributors, including Stephen Bigelow, Senior Technology Editor, offers its readers vendor-neutral news, tips, newsletters, and e-guides with the goal of helping Linux administrators overcome the common hurdles they face every day in, what appears to be, a “diminishing” Linux environment.

As Windows continues to take over as the go-to operating system, Linux is falling farther and farther behind—but what many Linux professions fail to realize is, if utilized correctly, Linux can offer enterprises an array of tools and benefits over Windows that can help them thrive in this rapidly changing IT landscape.

SearchEnterpriseLinux.com covers a variety of topics, from Linux administration and management, to integration and interoperability between Linux and other OSes, and tips for managing and optimizing your Linux environment – take advantage of these objective, expert articles today.

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